Gavin Scates

Job Designation Art Director
Production Designer
Home Base Johannesburg
Own Equipment Yes

Gavin Scates

Gavin is a sought after Art Director in the commercials, film and television industries. His creative eye has landed him projects with top directors on both local and international productions.

Gavin graduated with a Production Management Diploma. He became an executive chef managing the Moss Gas Flotel, the Moosehead Restaurant, Mercedes Benz Head office and SAB in Kyalami. He decided to focus on being a Props Master and soon made the leap to an ART DIRECTOR who works consistently in the industry.

Gavin is known for taking on challenges and for exceptional art direction and budget and time management no matter what circumstances are presented to him.

Gavin has worked in Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania and is prepared to travel anywhere…

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